A Hunter’s Do-Re-Mi

DO, a deer, a female deer.
RE is what I have of hope.
MI, at dawn, my rifle’s here.
FA, I can shoot with my scope.
SO I think I hear her, coming soon!
Oh-La-LA what a gargantuan raccoon.
TI, it stand for try: this afternoon
I’ll be back again for DO, DO, DO, DO.

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    • And I’ll point out that “SO, a needle pulling thread” isn’t exactly a work of genius. The first half just has better material.

  1. I’m so embarrassed for you. This is terrible. Stick to the actual hunting and foraging and cooking. And shoot the damn raccoons!

  2. I am SO glad I’m not going hunting today. I’d be sitting out there waiting for a doe, a deer to come along, and then this song would pop into my head and not leave for the rest of the afternoon.

  3. Wonderful.

    I see this post was Nov 14. The rut hadn’t yet begun. Hang in there. Be there. It’s about to get crazy. And I don’t mean just you. 🙂

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