When the going gets tough

If any of you have somehow gotten the impression that I am a committed, responsible steward of garden and livestock, as well as a loving and supportive wife, I’m about to disabuse you of that notion.

I have ditched home, garden, poultry, oysters, and husband for three days on Dauphin Island, off the Alabama coast in the Gulf of Mexico.

I was invited to come taste a very particular kind of seafood – royal red shrimp. Royal reds are deep-water shrimp, farmed in one relatively small area of the Gulf. They are reputed to be lobster-like, succulent and sweet, and I’ll tell you all about them once I’ve tasted them.

But that won’t be until tomorrow, after I’ve gone fishing in the bay between the island and the mainland. A bay that my room at the fish camp looks out on. A bay that is teeming with redfish.

Say hi to Kevin for me!

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  1. martha in mobile (no longer) says:

    Umm…I love me some royal reds. There are no shrimp in the world like wild-caught gulf coast shrimp. If you can, go to the Bakery on Sunday morning for a fresh crab omelet. And take a walk in the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. And maybe a walk in the Shell Mounds or at the Goat Tree, too. There are some trees there so massive and with such an abundance of spanish moss that you will think you wandered into a ancient forest.

  2. Martha — Thanks for the suggestions. I guess, you being Martha in Mobile, even if it is no longer, you know what you’re talking about. I don’t think I’m going to have much in the way of free time, but a tour of the island is on our agenda. I’ll report back!

    Paula — Yeah, the weather is pretty spectacular. But this is going to be a beautiful weekend on Cape Cod, too — ain’t it always the way?

  3. You don’t fool me. Everyone knows time away makes you a better wife, gardener, steward of living creatures, etc. Take it from someone who also works at home with one’s spouse: it is the deterrence to violent and destructive behavior. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have written that aloud.

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