Welcome to Barnstable Oyster

Our oyster farm has a name, a logo, and, as of this morning, a first sale.

Our oyster farm (but don't try the web site yet; I'm still working on it)

Kevin took the oysters out of the water yesterday, and we sent them by refrigerated truck to New York.  It was only a sample shipment — a mere hundred oysters — so our buyer could taste what we’re growing.

Michael is a seafood wholesaler, and he’s been calling Kevin regularly since we met him at an oyster festival last fall. We’ve had legal oysters for a few weeks now, but we haven’t wanted to send them because they’re not at their best this time of year.

It’s a problem, really. If you want the very best oyster on the planet, come to Cape Cod in November, when the water is nice and cold. Ideally, that’s when we’d sell our entire crop. But people want oysters in August, too.

A couple weeks back, we tasted a few of ours and decided those people would have to wait. We know we can’t sell all our oysters at their peak, but if they can’t be perfect they have to be damn good.

Yesterday, they were. Water temperature has begun to drop, and it showed. The oysters were briny, with a sweet center. Not as plump and rich as we hope them to be, come November, but very, very nice.

Michael got them at about noon today, and we just found out he thought they were spectacular.

And so begins Barnstable Oyster.

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  1. Hooray! How exciting! I’m glad to see your humor displayed in the tag line too.

    I for one am so impressed by how much you and Kevin have achieved.

  2. Congrats! I would find it maddening to navigate the timing of selling such a product. Selling when they’re at they’re peak makes sense. But if everyone follows the same strategy, you’d have a glut, which would drive down prices. Meaning you’d sell the best possible product for a relatively low price. Argh!

  3. Congratulations!!! (I was gonna say the world is your oyster, but I was just a little too late.)

    After all the work, it must be exciting to finally be at this stage. Good luck, and good oystering. From here, at least, they look delicious!

  4. Congratulations! I didn’t know that oysters had a season. I’m not sure why that surprised me as most everything has a season where it’s best.

  5. I hope there are no words of congratulations that surpass the feeling of satisfaction you and Kevin got from sending off those oysters and knowing now they were thought of as great! This is amazing, and I wish you both the best!

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