Home invasion

It’s very disconcerting to get up to pee in the middle of the night and find a wild animal in your house.

It’s not like it was a tiger or anything – it was just a raccoon – but still.

As I stumbled out of the bathroom, half asleep, I saw a small furry thing make a dash for the porch. My first thought, if you can call it that, was ‘cat.’ But it was the wrong shape, kind of hunched up in the middle. Raccoon.

A raccoon in the living room has a way of waking you up. “Hey!” I yelled at it. “It’s a CAT door!”

The raccoon made for it, and squeezed through.

By then, Kevin was out of bed. “What was it?” he asked.

I told him, and we went out on the porch. We saw the raccoon rejoin his two friends, and amble off into the woods. He didn’t even have the decency to run; that’s how unperturbed he was at being caught in our house.

We figured he was after the corn we keep on the porch for the chickens, which we’d left uncovered. We remedied that situation, and went back to bed.

It was only in the morning that I discovered that the kitchen floor was covered with paw prints and the cat food was gone.

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  1. well this gave me a chuckle though I’m sure you guys were not as amused. I’ve always wanted to get a cat door for our cats but with all the opossums, racoons, and stray cats it just wasn’t feasible. I looked into the kind with the chips but my cats will not keep collars on.

  2. I had this trouble with raccoons coming in the cat door many years ago, when we rented. They’re very clever and dextrous little bastards. Once they’ve learned the trick of opening the door (and yes, they can open a door which is set to open only in one direction) and that food awaits on the other side, it’s very hard to deter them. You may have to lock the cat door entirely for a while and hope that repeated frustration makes them forget about the goodies inside.

  3. I had to delete the pet door because of raccoons, oppossums, and worst of all (To me.) skunks! and worst (to the kindler.gentler half that went at it with a chair!), a BIG black rat snake. Since then, one always indoor cat, and he only gets prey that runs the gauntlet through the barn cats to get to the house and then gets inside. There is not much that is funny about wildlife in the house, but at least you were not sprayed. I did not get sprayed either, but I will not take that chance again. Keep us posted, please.

  4. That raccoon is going to tell all of it’s friend about the yummy cat food, and they will tell their friends and so on and so on….you may need to lock the cat door and stand guard with a baseball bat. Just my experience with very persistent coons.

  5. Do you need to move the crittercam to the kitchen? On second thought, maybe it’s best not to know what else out there likes cat food AND fits through the flap.

  6. Oh Tamar. I’m way behind on my reading, but I can’t imagine finding one in my house.

    Mostly because my weapon of choice, the spading fork, is on the porch and not in the house.

  7. I love that your first response was to point out to the wild animal that it had entered through the door intended for the cat.

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