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  1. so, i have a metric fuckton of rhubarb. AGAIN. (i’ve basically been following the fruiting season of rhubarb across the country this summer). what’s the recipe for this cake again? I get my kitchen back next week and I plan to dispatch with my rhubarb via this cake, left on neighbors doorsteps. i think it correctly conveys the “i’m new the hood and will try to be a good neighbor. thusly, please excuse my occasional loud and off key singing of early 90’s london club hits and propensity to cursing at my computer loudly, which sounds not terribly unlike loud offkey singing of early 90’s london club hits. ”

    also… sorry about Rocky. I really have a horrible sense of when jokes are misappropriate sometimes. So instead remember, if we’re all right about this rainbow bridge crap (and i so, so hope we are) as soon as you get to heaven, youll have all the chickens of your past run up to peck your feet.

    since I also have somewhere between 20-30 lbs of raspberries (not joking) am welcome to all recipes forthwith.

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