A woody, tasteless carrot

Last fall, I planted a few seeds in the hoophouse.  Yesterday, I harvested the crop — a half-dozen stunted little specimens.  We have trouble with root vegetables.

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  1. I started some celeriac last year, got it actually planted late summer. It survived the winter, and is blooming now. I wonder when you are supposed to harvest celeriac. . .

    The garlic I planted last fall gave up with very small bulbs a couple of weeks ago. Sigh. I left four in the ground, to see if they jump-start for next year.

    I got four pods of peas on the pea row. The beans row has a couple of plants that survived the bugs.

    I read that planting marigolds around the garden would help keep bugs out. I have three left, I think, of three and a half dozen. The two I planted in the 2×3 box on the deck? One just disappeared completely, the other is blooming nicely. The two roses, the spearmint, the two parsley are doing fabulous, the second rosemary and the lavender are surviving. I have planted short segments of carrots twice, with two that are still growing. I have planted lettuce twice in the box, and three times in the garden, and have yet to see anything come up.

    The potato rows in the garden are ugly but exciting, too. I took a section of newspaper, laid it on the unprepared ground, laid a piece of potato on each half, dropped a bit of compost on each, and laid another piece of paper, with potato and compost next to it, and continued. Laid straw bale slices over the row. Just about every plant came, even the five eyes from two sweet potatoes that laid on the counter long enough to see the eyes. Of course, most of those weeds are also coming, and the invading bermuda grass is very persistent. Really ugly, and a bit uneven as to how long each plant took to emerge and mature, but that serves me to stagger harvest time. I hope. And I hope the harvest is worth while, too.


    • Thanks for the update, Brad. I’ve heard that you have to use a certain kind of marigold for bugs, although I’m unclear on exactly what kind that is. (Now there’s a job for Google.)

      Keep me posted on your potato technique. Weird that weeds are coming up … seeds in the compost?

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