Ten ingredients – a new record!

It’s not often that I eat only one first-hand ingredient, but I try to pick one and spare you the play-by-play.  This time, though, I can’t resist taking you through my dinner.

It started with steamers, which we got from our friends Les.  Then there was a risotto with Amanda’s leeks and my squash, wild turkey stock and chives.  There was a salad with Christl’s lettuce and my catalogna, and a striped bass with a sauce made from wild sorrel.  There was sea salt throughout. 

That’s ten first-hand foods in one (very good) meal.

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  1. Wow, that is truly impressive! and to think, when you started you struggled to find 1 a day and sometimes had to rely just on salt :o)

    Massive kudos to you

  2. for the record, it was an amazing f*!@#&@ meal. you have left off, however, on your ingredient list, the opiates that were clearly in the sorrel sauce.

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