Rosemary in lemon risotto, to go with swordfish

We got a beautiful piece of swordfish, which Kevin grilled absolutely perfectly.  I made a risotto with lemon, rosemary, and peas that didn’t do it justice.  Somehow, my risottos often disappoint.  I’m going to have to figure out why.

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  1. In what way is your risotto disappointing?

    Got good stock? I’m not sure a good risotto can be made without good stock. Onions? Small diced, gently sweated, not browned? Glass of white wine towards the end of cooking? A little grating cheese? Proportions? 4:1- stock:rice by volume? If you’ve got all that, I don’t have a clue why your risotto disappoints. On the scene consultation might be needed.

  2. Kate — I do use good stock. I make it myself, and it’s rich and gelatinous. Although I cook the onions more than sweating them, I can’t blame them for my flavors, which are almost always unremarkable. Muddy, confused. Maybe I’m putting too much stuff in.

    I think I’ll try going back to basics, and make a plain risotto with onion, rice, wine, stock, and cheese. Peas, maybe.

    But if you’re ever in the neighborhood, I’ll take that on-the-scene consultatation, thank you very much.

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