More winter varmints

I know what you were thinking.  You were thinking, “Gosh, I’ll go over to Starving off the Land and see if Tamar’s posted yet more pictures of varmints!”

Well, it’s your lucky day.  

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  1. See, now these are as exotic as kangaroos to me! A mouse ate my bean seeds is about as much wildlife as my plot sees. Oh, and pheasants eating my kale… I know in other areas of the UK rabbits and deer are a problem, so I’m lucky, but still- no raccoons or marsupials in darkest Oxfordshire!

    • Oh, you mean “tasty tasty” pheasants are eating your kale !

      We’re not allowed to hunt kangaroos (without being multiply trained and licensed up the wazoo), probably because there’s only 30-50 million of them left.

      So it may as well be mice; with big feet.

  2. I love the racoon! He looks like he got caught but is casually looking over his shoulder. This cracks me up. Is it wrong it makes me want to do this to my three year old daughter, Afton?

  3. These pictures are, for some reason, particularly funny to me. I really love seeing just how much activity there is–happening just outside your door. What’s really funny is that they all have such an innocent look on their faces, but you know they’re all up to no good…

    Now I have to ask, how’d you decide on a varmint cam?

  4. Why are varmints always cute? We are in the process of trying to get rid of some varmints in our garden. They are slightly smaller though. 🙂 We have a horrid infestation of voles that we are trying to exterminate before garden season kicks in.

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