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  1. I’ll trade you guys a sip for a sip, I love OJ. I didn’t make any in 2009 but I still have some 2005 that’s crystal clear.
    Is your’s really that yellow? it looks like you have OJ in those wine jug!!!!!
    I just decanted my 2010 batch. It’s still a bit cloudy. Did you make any in 2010?
    What happened to your GRAPPA project?

  2. We have some dandelion wine that we did ages ago. We are also both afraid to taste it. lol. Maybe I should get brave and tell Lee to get it out.

  3. Linda — That’s an old picture, and it’s less yellow now. It still doesn’t have the beautiful clarity of yours, though! We’ll wait another year or two and then filter again. And don’t ask about the grappa just yet — somehow, the winter is getting away from us.

    Robin — Try it, try it! If it tastes bad, spit it out. You might be surprised — and please report back!

    Swampy — That’s a perfect description of what the flower concoction tastes like before you add nice things like orange juice and sugar. But then you add all those nice things and it changes for the better. Unsurprisingly, I guess.

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