Crack. I mean French toast.

I love French toast, and I hadn’t made it, literally, in years.  But for some reason Kevin and I got it into our little heads that we needed French toast for breakfast, so we made a special trip to buy appropriate bread.

Now, there’s an argument about just what constitutes appropriate bread for French toast, but in our house the choice is clear — challah. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m willing to compromise, and I was prepared to get a not-too-crusty Italian because I didn’t really expect our local Stop & Shop to have challah.  But they did.

My French toast batter is simply eggs, milk, and cinnamon.  I cut the bread thick, and soak it long enough so the batter reaches the center.  Then I fry it in butter, over low heat so it cooks through.  Maple syrup is the only acceptable topping.  I ate much too much.

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  1. Interesting. I always make French toast with sourdough, but that may be a product of where I grew up. The only other thing I add is vanilla and a pinch of salt.

    But everything else is the same- cooked in butter, and under real maple syrup.

  2. martha in mobile says:

    Sourdough bread (but then I’m from California); batter also includes vanilla, allspice and tee-tiny bit of cloves; dipped quickly so center is still dry; fried quickly in butter; finished in slow oven; butter and grade B maple syrup. Now I’m hungry.

    • I’m from California too- that’s why I think it’s a product of where I grew up… really does make great French toast, though.

  3. Martha & Paula — I just can’t go there with you. I lived in San Francisco for a decade, but I can’t bring myself to make French toast with sourdough bread. It’s challah, it’s soaked through, it’s cooked through. So there.

    • I would try challah, if you would try sourdough. Although where I’m going to find challah I’ll never know. I think that you finding the right kind of sourdough where you are could be problematic as well. I remember never finding decent sourdough when I lived in Florida. I mean, it was labeled sourdough, but I knew it wasn’t.

      I tell you what: if you and Kevin ever find yourselves in the Portland, OR area, I will make you sourdough crack for breakfast.

  4. What a coinkiydink– I’ve made French toast three times in the past month, also after not having it for years. (French toast mania!)

    I’ve been using Pepperidge Farm 15-Grain: barely-dipped on one side into a bowl of milk… both sides liberally slopped around in a bowl of beaten eggs… fried in butter… maple syrup.

    But, why quibble about bread? Unlike the sandwich, French Toast would probably be equally delicious if made with hot dog buns, bagels, pumpernickel, or zwieback.

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