Canada goose breast!

No, I didn’t shoot it.  Eric, the hunter who took me duck hunting last month, shot it, on a hunt he described as “epic.”  He called to tell me he had lots of goose, and asked whether I’d like some.  Yeah, like I ever say no to a question like that.

We rendezvoused in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s, and he passed me the bag.  I gave him a dozen eggs by way of thank you.

I salted the breasts, and let them sit a while, per Hank Shaw at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.  Meanwhile, I cooked a couple strips of bacon in a heavy skillet, slowly, so the fat rendered out.  I took the bacon out, and put the duck breasts in.  They took almost fifteen minutes to cook through, and then I took them out, covered them, and let them rest.

Into the pan went a splash of red wine and a little stock.  Cooked it down, added some cream and the bacon, chopped fine.

Lovely!  The goose breast was almost like venison, both in flavor and texture.  It was a bit chewy, but not in a bad way. 

I will be goose hunting next season.

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