Suzie’s ginormous perch, pan-fried

Our friends Bob and Suzie (Mad Dog, to her friends) do a lot of ice fishing in the pond in their backyard.  We had planned to join them, but got held up and arrived just as the pop-ups were being pulled.  We missed the catching of a seriously huge perch — 1.8 pounds — but we got to go home with it because no one else had big plans for a fish dinner.

And that wasn’t the end of the swag.  There was another perch, much smaller, and a large-mouth bass.  We fileted them in the garage, and took them home, along with the roe from the big perch.

I tried brining the roe and making a sauce with sour cream, the way I’ve done with trout roe, but it wasn’t a great idea.  The sauce got kind of glooy in an unappetizing way.  But the perch was delicious and the bass wasn’t far behind.

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