Oysters, with lime granita and jalapeno

We usually eat our oysters plain, but our friend Amanda had a different idea.  She hosted a (spectacular) dinner, with seven courses paired with seven beers.  One of the courses was oysters, which we volunteered to bring.  She made a lime granita for accent, and served them with a slice of jalapeno.  Here’s how she did it:

To make the granita, grate the skin of 2 limes avoiding the pith, juice them. In a pan, take a cup of additional lime juice and add a cup of sugar to it, simmer until sugar dissolves, and add the grated lime and rest of juice to it. Pour into freezerproof tupperware and place in freezer. Use mandoline if you have it to make paper thin slices of jalapeno. Add a teaspoon of granita and one slice of jalapeno to each oyster.

We thought it worked beautifully.  As did the rest of the menu, which is here.