While I was out

Yesterday I went to Boston to see my friend Katie, who’d taken the train up from New York to pay a holiday visit to friends there. I left at about 9:30 in the morning, spent the whole day pretending I still knew how to behave in a city, and was home by 8:30 that evening.

“How was your day, dear?” Kevin asked as I took off my coat.

I told him all about it. I walked around on actual sidewalks! I ate Chinese food! Katie took me to meet the friends she was visiting, who live in – are you ready for this? – an apartment!

When I asked him how he’d fared, wifeless for a day, he led me into the kitchen, which was beautifully neat and clean. And there, above the sink, was a brand new shiny copper pot rack.

He’d gotten the idea from our friend Amanda, whose parents have a similar rack in their kitchen. It’s made from standard-issue copper plumbing supplies, and Kevin figured he could make one just like it, custom-fit to go around the light over the sink. I knew it was on his list of winter projects.

While I was gone, he’d gone to Home Depot, bought the pipe and the fittings, and cut everything to size. He’d climbed up in the crawl space to figure out where the beams were, and screwed the fittings into the ceiling. He’d even changed the light fixture to a smaller, softer version.

Total cost: $43.

Maybe if I go to New York, he’ll rehab the bathroom.

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  1. best behave, young lady! That chopper knife looks awful convenient …. 🙂

    A thoughtful, useful, practical hunk …. One could be a touch jealous. Hmmmm…. 😉

  2. Yes, your hunk is thoughtful! And industrious. Love his utilitarian design. And isn’t Boston a great holiday take-in for a day?


  3. Wow! Nice rack indeed! And, the copper will only get more beautiful as it acquires a patina.

    How wise you were, Tamar, to have married a handy guy. Fate was less kind, to some of us.

  4. Well, the verdict’s in on my husband, I guess. Handy, industrious, thoughtful, useful, practical, and a hunk to boot (that’s his favorite part).

    Lisa (who married my brother) — while your husband has many fine qualities, no one will make the case that handiness is one of them. He’s really good at ordering in Chinese, though.

  5. I plan on relaying to my parents this picture and the $43 total, but am waiting to do so in person so I can record the look upon my fathers face when he hears it (I’m relatively sure they paid quite a bit more for the shop to build it and install it. atleast, I suspect this because its a few years old, which far exceeds the timespan for most of his house handiwork.) While not particularly handy, he’s swell to have around should you need a lung transplant or a tracheotomy. Just sayin.

  6. I would love one of those if either I or the dh were capable of putting something like it together. .. we’d end up paying someone $300 to install it. ~sigh~

  7. 1. Never look down barrel of a gun.
    2. Never use chain saw on anything higher than your waist.
    3. Never hang 5” well sharpened cleaver above head on beautiful new pot rack.

  8. Damn…I was going to use the obvious ‘nice rack’ gag….

    What a great husband – a useful sort of fellow. That’s a great idea too.

    I’m glad you enjoyed reconnecting with civilisation.

  9. I recently saw a similar rack on another blog that was done in galvanized pipe, and I think the blogger indicated that it cost around $100 to put together.

    Yours beats it all hollow (no pun intended) both in terms of aesthetics and price. Especially in the aesthetics department.

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