New Year’s Eve bluefish

I think this is the third time that our smoked bluefish has actually been requested at a party.  Our friends Dan and Linda had a few people over, and Linda put in the request.  A good time was had by all.

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  1. Dear Tamar,
    I can’t tell you how much your efforts inspire me. I must, however, share some joyous news with you. Yesterday morning at 8:00 I harvested my first deer. He was probably about 1.5 years old, a 4 pointer. I took him cleanly and I don’t believe he suffered long. I prayed over him and thanked the universe for its investment in me. I think we will wind up with about 40 lbs of meat, and I feel that I have regained a legitimate place in the universe by this action. Thanks for all you do. It is very inspiring for those of us just setting out on a journey similar to yours. I wish you a very successful and enlightening new year. >>>Rick<<<

    • Rick — I am thrilled for you. Both for the harvest and for the way it was done. At the moment, I can only imagine the feeling, but I hope to have some first-hand experience with it soon. My warmest congratulations.

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