Scallops were just the beginning

Our friends Todd and Beth of Cape Cod Beer joined us for dinner, and I made a seafood stew with four — count ’em, four! — kinds of first-hand seafood.  There were oysters, and there was the one keeper lobster we caught a couple days back.  There were exactly six delicious scallops, the fruits of at least three hours of scalloping.  And there was cod, the gift of my friend Darren, of Cape Links, who caught it off Georges Bank.

The stew also had our green onions and catalogna, and the meal began with Kevin’s smoked bluefish pate.  I made little pumpkin custards for dessert, and those had our eggs.

Oh, and while I was cooking, I snacked on my friend Amanda’s toasted pumpkin seeds, which she makes with a magic sweet crust that makes closing the bag and putting it away a near impossibility.