Roadkill venison

We didn’t kill it, we didn’t even witness it.  We just knew a guy (Les) who knew the guy who the cop called to come get the deer when the guy who hit it said he didn’t want it. 

It so happened that Kevin was working with Les when that guy came over to Les’s house with a few venison steaks.  Kevin told Les about the smoked oyster sauce I’d made the other day, and the two of them thought that would be a dandy treatment for venison, and wasn’t it lucky that we had a few smoked oysters left.

So I went over to Les’s house and made smoked oyster sauce.  Kevin grilled the steaks.  I whipped up some Brussels sprouts with bacon and onion, and we sat down to the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.

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  1. OMG. I am cracking up right now. I had no idea that if you hit a deer you get first dibs. Glad you enjoyed your lunch, though I’m pretty sure that if I hit a deer I wouldn’t want it either…but maybe if I was the 4th degree of separation I could stomach it. =)

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