Trading up

Yesterday morning I made the rounds, delivering packages of our home-caught, home-smoked bluefish to some of our friends. Three stops: Amanda, Doug and Dianne, Al and Christl.

I was feeling all salty and heroic, bestowing little bags of beautiful peppered fillets on a few of our favorite people. Hah! The tables were turned. Here’s a list of what I was given in return for my lousy half-dozen smoked bluefish fillets:

4 ripe tomatoes
1 black-staining polypore
a container of mushrooms that may or may not be chanterelles
1 huge bunch celery
a handful of beans
assorted baby peppers and one cute little eggplant
a bunch of shiso
marjoram, thyme, and two kinds of mint, ready to plant
4 perfect leeks
a bunch of chard
a jar of pickles
3 fat cucumbers
a container of herbs de Provence
6 little Thai peppers
1 cantaloupe
1 long, skinny, Japanese cucumber

And it would have been more, except that I absolutely forbade Al and Christl to give me anything. They’ve been so generous with the things they grow that I wanted to get something in the plus column. Besides, I was already so loaded up from Amanda and Doug and Dianne that I was too embarrassed to take anything more.  But Christl pressed the Japanese cucumber on me, and I couldn’t resist.

It honestly didn’t occur to me that, if I showed up at the homes of gardeners, in the height of vegetable season, with a measly little gift of bluefish that they would load me up with the bounty of their gardens. If it had occurred to me, I probably would have done it sooner.

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  1. Oh man- I could so lay some goodies on you for smoked fish!

    Well, I guess that is the beauty of being able to fend for yourself and having lots of friends doing the same thing.

  2. what i find amazing is that you didn’t know what to make out of all of it! a veritable bounty!!!!

    seriously, the joy of gardening is bounty and being able to feed and share. Imagine what we’ll do all winter:)

  3. actually….. it just occurred to me. you and i met because of a trade. we should orchestrate some trades amongst us capers. cause i’d LOVE to get ahold of some good peppers… mine are only doing so so. Or jellies for my pickles.. or a trading party! i have oven dried tomatoes, dried herbs and mushrooms to spare (as soon as you figure out if they’re edible or not). My bumper crop of tomatillos means i’ll have a ton of my very serious green sauce in a month or two-

  4. I would go honey for bluefish. I might even, if forced, go a whole quart of honey, if the bluefish were accompanied by a half dozen eggs less than 48 hours from the hen. Sadly, you’re in Cape Cod, and I am way over and up in the hills of Kentucky. Maybe someday Debbie will make me go up that way for something. Until then, I can only dream of fresh bluefish that has not been on a scheduled airline.

    Great haircut by the way. You still have at least 10 or 12 times as much hair as I have, but i did not pay to have it go away. LOL

    • I’m sure I can think up some reason to get Greg to go to Cape Cod…I’ve always wanted to go there…and if I could somehow tie it together with a fishing trip for him…we’re in business.

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