Grapes! Well, one grape, at any rate.

We had dinner with a few high school classmates of mine, hosted by my friend Ellen and her husband John. Their sixteen-year-old son Sam somehow got the agriculture bug, and built a coop (with his father’s help) for his six chickens in their back yard. He also does square-foot gardening, and has an impressive bunch of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs.

Ellen and John were going to lock Sam in his room when he came over, afraid that, if they let him hang around with us, they’ll come home one day to a turkey pen or a beehive. But he’s a little old to be locked in his room, so hang around with us he did.

Ellen made a salad of mango and black beans that had several of Sam’s herbs in it, and they certainly would have counted as the food of the day, but I also had one Concord grape off the beautiful arbor they have growing over their porch. (I didn’t have my camera with me, but Sam sent me a photo.)

Thanks, Sam! And keep up the good work. Raising livestock and growing vegetables seems to be a particularly constructive way of harrassing your parents — which is, after all, your job.