Clams, a whelk, celery, beans, and other miscellania, all in black bean sauce

It had been a while since I went clamming, and it was a beautiful morning with a 10:30 low tide, so I figured it was time.  I called my mother and asked if she wanted to go, and she did.  Had I known that it would take two hours to get a measly half-peck of littlenecks, I would have spared her.

They were beautiful clams, though.  I also dug up one whelk, which I threw in with the clams as I steamed them.  (If you’re out clamming and you find a whelk, always bring it home to eat because it feeds on clams.)  I chopped up the various vegetables my gardening friends had given me in exchange for my smoked bluefish, and made a veg-heavy version of clams with black bean sauce.