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Look to your right. You’ll see a little box that says “Experience local. Cape-wide food & farming events.” It’s the very first Starving off the Land advertisement, and I want to tell you a little bit about it.

I’d considered whether or not I wanted to take advertising, but I hadn’t gotten past the consideration stage when my friends Doug and Dianne Langeland, publishers of Edible Cape Cod, asked me if I’d take an ad for their annual celebration of Cape Cod food – it’s called CLASH, the Cape Land and Sea Harvest.

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of CLASH and, this year, a participant, but still I had to think about it. It felt like a big step, taking an ad. It was a policy decision.

I made it, as you’ve already surmised, in favor not so much of taking advertising, but of not rejecting advertising for things I support and are in the spirit of Starving. So far, I haven’t had to make any hard decisions; advertisers aren’t exactly beating down my door. For all I know, this will be the only ad I’ll ever run.

But, if opportunities arise, I’ll consider them case by case. I suspect some of you will balk at the idea of it, but I hope those of you who enjoy Starving, and would like it to continue, will take into account the fact that it’s easier for me to justify the time I spend on it if it’s even moderately remunerative.

In the meantime, let me tell you about CLASH! It’s a week of of tours and tastings, talks and workshops, all showcasing the foods we’re producing out here on Cape Cod. You can walk through a cranberry bog, learn how to clam, or tour the Cape Cod Beer brewery. And you can eat! There will be meals galore.

Or, you can come to the mushroom growing workshop that Kevin and I are giving at Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary, with its director, Ian Ives, on Friday, September 24 from 2-4. We’ll give each participant an oak log and bunch of dowels inoculated with shiitake spore, and take you through the process of turning firewood into a mushroom crop. You’ll go home with your very own mushroom log, and the promise of shiitakes in the spring, or maybe the fall. (Instant gratification, it’s not.)

If you’re local, I’d love to see you at our mushroom workshop. If you’re not, I’ll be sorry to miss you. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll stick with me, ads or no ads.

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  1. I noticed the ads right away and wasn’t bothered at all. I think running a highly appropriate ad that fits in so nicely with the theme of your blog is just fine. I imagine you aren’t going to start allowing anything that flashes or takes over the screen…we all have our limits.

  2. You go girl! There is nothing wrong with taking an ad that supports you and your blog. Even makes me want to go to the CLASH. Sounds like good food, good folks, good fun and a good time to be had. Sadly, it’s there, I’m here. Here is the State Fair right now. Funnel cakes, pork burgers, roasted corn ears, sun burn and sore feet. Sign me up! Anyway, as long as you are careful to maintain the quality of your blog and refuse ads that would do harm to your reputation or whatever else you hold dear in this world, ads are fine with me. I think it would be interesting to see what kind of advertiser(s) you might take up. Freaky stuff sometimes happens, but generally you can tell who people are by the company they keep, and the company they don’t. Anyone who keeps bees, cats, chickens, turkeys, and then still makes time to return a really tough survivor crab to the sea must be a good person. Good luck!

  3. It would take more than a little ad to convince me to deprive myself of the pleasure of reading your blog. The ad you have selected to run actually seems very cool and makes your blog even more interesting to visit, according to me.
    Wish i could be there for the mushroom demo, (mmmm, shitakes) but it’s a little far to travel. You’ll understand, i know.

  4. To ad or not to ad. That question has begun raising its gnarly little head for me, too. I’m really not sure how it will play out.

    In your case, the CLASH ad couldn’t fit better.

  5. I don’t think your choice of advertising is much different from putting links to other blogs in your sidebar – you’re just letting us know about things that might interest us. And if it adds to your coffers and pays your feed bills, even better.

  6. Tamar, Tasteful and appropriate! Always love to read about how each area celebrates their regional specialities. If I were closer I would attend.

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