Purslane. Blech.

Purslane is one of those edible weeds that inevitably disappoints.  There’s a reason that Euell Gibbons, who knew his way around edible weeds, suggested sauteeing it with bacon.  By itself, it tastes like grass clippings.

I felt duty-bound to eat some since it grows, unbidden, in my garden, threatening to crowd out the fennel and beets that, despite my bidding, are not doing nearly as well as the purslane.

I put it in a salad.  It tasted like grass clippings.

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  1. A friend recently asked me about purslane!! I had no idea what it was, but when I saw the photo, I realized it was all the “weeds” I had just pulled out of the garden and chucked into the woods. I’m glad you tried it for me… Now I can tell my friend not to bother, and I’ll happily continue with the weeding. 😉

  2. Well, in a pinch, you could always make a bacon dressing.

    Come to think of it, I don’t eat kale without bacon, and I love kale. Maybe what I love is bacon.

    Actually, I can’t think of any savory dish that ISN’T improved with bacon.

    Nuts- now I’m hungry.

  3. Just read this because Purslane is the name of Scarlett Johannsen’s character in one of my fave movies “Love Song for Bobby Long”. You should see it 🙂

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