Pan-fried fluke

Kevin cooked our fluke.  This is how he did it.

It tasted delicious, but it was hard to tell whether that was because it truly was delicious, or because I was just so damn proud of myself.

Pan-fried Fluke
(serves 2)

2 T. butter
1 1-pound fluke filet (or substitute any white fish)
1 T. chopped capers
½ t. anchovy paste
squeeze of lemon

In a skillet big enough to hold the fish, melt the butter over medium-high heat. Add the filet, skin side up. Cook about 6 minutes, until the fish is almost cooked through, spooning the butter over the top of the filet once or twice.

Flip the fish and cook another minute or two, just until the fish is opaque in the center. Remove the fish from the pan.

Add the capers, anchovy paste, and lemon juice to the pan, and cook just until everything’s heated through. Spoon the sauce over the fish.

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