Bluefish, grilled

We tried a variation of a recipe we’d had just the night before at the home of our friends Pam and Scott.  It makes bluefish less bluefishy than any fresh bluefish I’d ever had.  It tastes like fish, but not fishy.  It’s a popular technique; here’s my version.

Grilled Bluefish
(serves 4)

4 3/4-lb. bluefish fillets
juice of 2 lemons
3/4 cup mayonnaise
4-6 cloves garlic, pressed or finely chopped

In a shallow dish, rub half the lemon juice over the fish. Mix the rest of the juice with the mayonnaise and garlic, and add the mixture to the dish, coating the fish. Let marinate at least an hour.

Grill over a medium-low fire until cooked through, about seven minutes on the first side (skin side down) and three on the second.

NOTE: I have no idea whether it’s necessary to rub the lemon juice on the fish first. All I know is that I did it that way and it worked, and until I do an experiment that shows it not to be necessary, I’ll keep doing it. If you do the experiment, please let me know the results!

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  1. Hi Tamar,
    I love your blog and read it often and think what a wonderful thing you and your husband are doing. It’s a difficult life but oh so rewarding! Years ago my husband would often go fishing with charters and bring home monster blue fish and stipers, many of which I filleted, scaled and cooked. I found my favorite way to cook blue fish (fresh, not frozen) was to bread (flavored bread crumbs) and fry them. They tasted like veal cutlets, honest! I think you would like these.


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