Black-staining polypore with bacon and collards

I made this dish this way only because I didn’t feel like taking a trip to the supermarket.  It was bacon, garlic, collards, and the polypore, sauteed and then cooked down with red wine and mushroom stock in which I poached some chicken thighs.  It was fair.  It was uninspired.

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  1. I just found a black staining polypore. A fairly young but large specimen that upon cooking tasted woody and fibrous in texture. Should I cook it for half a day? Would that help? Any ideas would be appreciated!

    • Janelle, in my experience a mushroom that’s woody and fibrous will always be woody and fibrous, even if you cook it til the cows come home. I’d give it up and go look for a better mushroom. Good luck!

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