Yet more crab

We’ve been checking our lobster pots a couple of times a week, and we always bring home a few crabs.  So far, I’ve eaten all of it (Kevin isn’t as fond of it, and leaves it for me) as crab salad — just crab meat, a little diced onion, a dollop of mayonnaise.  I need to find another use.

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  1. Crab cakes! Somewhere I have a recipe for a quite yummy crab casserole that I’m now wondering if I could put my finger on it. Over the weekend I had a roasted garlic and crab bisque with Parmesan that was good. Not as stellar as it used to be- I think the restaurant has changed chefs… But anyway, you get the idea.

    Crab crepes? Crab in a quiche? then you could use your ample pie crust skills…

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