The second strawberries

Somehow, these were better than the ones we ate yesterday.  Could time of day have something to do with it?  Yesterday, we harvested in the morning.  These, we picked after dinner.

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  1. I love strawberries!!! So many ways to use them, but the best way is straight from the bucket after you pick them. Alas my husband, Greg, says he can’t eat them moderately, so we rarely buy the ruby jewels. Secretly, at lunch time I sometimes walk to my local market and buy them for lunch. (No longer a secret as my hubby will read this) I know of no better taste on a sweaty June day in Kentucky than the burst of berry sweetness. Enjoy your harvest!

  2. Debbie — There are so many things I can’t eat moderately, so my sympathies are entirely with your husband. I can eat pounds of strawberries. So far, though, our harvest has been ounces.

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