Some of our first raspberries

I’d like to report that they’re delicious, but the fact is that they’re only so-so.  A little dry, a little seedy.  We’ll see if they get better as the season progresses.

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  1. They will do better as the season progresses…as long as vermints and deer don’t eat your bounty first…Greg says that harvesting time does make a difference with berries, so harvesting in the evening makes a better berry according to him. We really do need to plant some raspberries. It’s a natural for the bees, but we just haven’t made time as of yet.

  2. Could they need water?
    It makes sense that they’d be better harvested in the evening because every berry is better in the evening- the sun ripens them during the day. Hmmmm. I hope you have better luck. My raspberries aren’t even close to blooming, much less fruiting, and hearing they aren’t great makes me worry for the first few. I want them to be so wonderful as to be worth the effort and expense of having put them in. Is that too much to ask?

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