Oregano and mint in braised octopus

It was not a success. 

I got my hands on an octopus that weighed about 5 pounds after it had defrosted.  I boiled it for just a couple of minutes, cut it into big pieces, and then braised it on a bed of herbs — no water — in a 250-degree oven for four hours.  This was a tip I’d gotten from Hank Shaw at Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.

I have a theory about Hank Shaw.  No octopus — or fish, or game bird, or deer, or rabbit, or bear — however dead, would dare come out anything but perfect under his ministrations.  They know their master when they meet him.

When they meet me, they flip me the bird. 

The octopus was certainly edible, but it was more rubbery than I’d like food to be.  We’ll be grilling it tomorrow night, to see if we can do any better.

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  1. Yeah, you got that right. Technically, I couldn’t really tell if the flipped tentacle was the middle one, but it seemed a reasonable assumption.

  2. Bummer! You shouilda braised it longer then. I’ve braised really huge octos a full 8 hours before they turned buttery. If you haven’t already eaten it, try putting it back in the pot to braise for another few hours. You will need a new set of herbs and this time some water, and maybe a spalsh of white wine. Sorry!

    — Hank

  3. Hank — I’m determined to try it again. Done right, octopus is truly delicious. Next time, I’ll just braise it until it’s tender, or until hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

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