Asparagus, risotto-style

It wasn’t a real risotto because I was out of Arborio rice, but Jasmine rice stood in.  I used what I had in the house — onions, garlic, smoked chicken stock, mustard, and the asparagus that our friends Andre and Elsa gave us.

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  1. That’s a little eerie. I made a risotto with our first and only asparagus harvest this year (year 2 of asparagus growing), and mine was smoky-themed too. I had canned chicken-turkey broth made from last year’s Thanksgiving turkey, which was smoked on the grill with rosemary. Onions and garlic, of course. But also a touch of the smoked lardo I made earlier this year. In fact, I substituted the melted lardo for the butter to cook in. Yeah, I’m decadent that way. It was eaten too fast to blog it though.

    Next year I get to harvest all the asparagus I want!

  2. Kate — I could have used your lardo! As I was sauteeing the onions, I was thinking that a nice piece of preserved pork would be just the thing. Alas, there was none in the house. But the smoked chicken stock helped. We smoke a lot of chickens around here, and the stock is a great by-product.

    I envy you your asparagus head start. We just got ours in this year, so we should have a spear or two next year and maybe a dinner’s worth the year after. The friends who gave us some of theirs have a 35-year-old patch that’s about 20 feet by 30.

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