Garlic in spicy tilapia sandwiches

When we lived in New York, our local fish market had something they called Cajun Catfish — catfish fillets in a spicy marinade. The closest thing we have here is the Garlic and Chili Tilapia from Trader Joe’s, but it was a fine substitute for our Cajun Catfish sandwiches.

Here’s what you do, for about 3/4 pound of fish (two sandwiches): slice and caramelize a couple of onions, then add a few cloves of garlic and any spicy pepper you have on hand (hot cherry peppers work, as do pepperoncini — if you don’t have any, do without), and cook a couple minutes more. Take the onions out of the pan, and add a splash of balsamic vinegar to them. Cook the fish in the same pan you used for the onions. Optionally, wilt some arugula in the microwave while the fish cooks. Toast some crusty bread. Assemble the sandwich. Pour a beer. Dinner.

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