The Flock Block Pool winner

This was supposed to be a flock block update. And it was supposed to be written yesterday, when the flock block was down to the size of a baseball.

But yesterday got away from me, and today is too late for an update. The flock block, which was the size of a golf ball by the time we put the chickens to bed last night, is now officially gone. They went straight for it this morning, and it had disappeared in a matter of an hour or so.

Which means … drumroll please … the winner is Jen, who guessed March 11. Jen, please send your mailing address so I can send you a jar of genuine, hand-crafted, Cape Cod sea salt. Better than Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Blogs are so much better when people play along.

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  1. beachnitpicker says:

    Damn! I was off by 6 whole days (I guessed March 5), and I thought I knew chickens. You must have been feeding them too much other good stuff. Congratulations to Jen.

  2. Wow – I was off by three weeks! Guess I underestimated the lure of a flock block in early Spring . . .

  3. Yup, participants make blogs more fun, on both ends (blogger & blogee). Congratulations, Jen! So then, what was the total number of days it lasted? Good investment or no?

  4. One day! I missed by one day! I was so hoping to whip out my sea salt as a conversation starter the next time we have people over for dinner.

  5. BNP, Rick, and Karen — You were all so close. Especially Karen! I feel your pain, missing by one day.

    Paula — I’m with you. If you can’t make your own fun out of whole cloth (or a block of chicken feed), you get the funlessness you deserve.

    Mimi — Never underestimate the appetite of a chicken. That’s one lesson I’ve learned.

    Laurie — It took them 19 days. But we didn’t track the reduction in their other feed, so we can’t say just what it cost us. We do know that they loved it. We might even get them another one.

  6. self proclaimed flockblock pool ref says:

    We missed out on the flock block pool all together.
    Just my 2 cents, but I was thinking you could send Karen a jar of salt too. Even 1/2 a jar. (better than a dead rat on a string)
    At the very end, you slowed things down by letting the girls out……… smells fixed to me!!!!
    She makes a good pitch about the conversation starter, who knows where that might lead for your blog???

  7. WooHoo!! I had every faith in your chickens to hammer at that thing without mercy.

    I couldn’t possibly make you send the salt to me in the UK, what with the shipping costs and all. The honor is more than enough. I will hit you up for a cup of coffee next time we’re in town.

  8. CS — The Flock Block is a Purina product, and you may be able to find a local supplier through their web site. I’ll vouch for how much the chickens like it.

    SPFPR — So many people were so close, and I would, of course, love to reward all who played, but the postage alone would be prohibitive. But I certainly appreciate your watching closely to keep me honest!

    Jen — It will give me great pleasure to send you the salt. The idea that my sea salt is gracing your table some 3000 miles across the Atlantic is well worth the price of sending it. Besides, you won — fair and square.

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