Tails of mystery

I keep hoping that animals will be curious about our Varmintcam. After all, it’s a strange black box that lights up when they go near it. I would think they’d get close, give it a sniff, walk around it – and I’d get some great pictures.

Instead, they seem to walk by, or walk away, and all I get are pictures of their butts. Here are two tails we got a good look at. One is clearly a raccoon, and the other looks like a cat, but it’s definitely not our cat. If you can tell me it’s the rare cat-like New England panther, I’ll be forever in your debt.

There is only one animal who strolls right up, and gives us a great view.

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  1. I love your Varmitcam!
    i do think your ‘rare cat tail” is a house cat … going by the color showing-
    and, Like Alison, I too love the view of the water!
    wish i could set one of these up but i know i would just get my dog and the neighbors dog and maybe a mouse with my cat chasing it!

  2. I, too think it is a house cat…an orange Tabby is my guess.

    Kind of late getting to read your blog….too busy outside in this amazing tease of sunshine!!

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