Fried eggs in toast

This is a very silly dish, and one I happen to be inordinately fond of.  You tear a hole out of the middle of a piece of bread, butter what’s left of it, and put it in a frying pan.  Crack an egg into the hole.  After a few minutes, turn it over.  You end up with a fried egg embedded in a crispy piece of buttered toast.  I could eat it every morning.

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  1. Called “toad in the hole” in Britain in case you were wondering! BTW just discovered your blog (thanks to the Washington Post story today) and have been reading in chronological order. Love it!

    • Belle, glad to have you! I suspected that “toad in the hole” thing, but I’m never sure about that stuff. I mean, really, who has “bubble and squeak” for breakfast? There will always be an England.

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