Collard greens in clay-pot chicken*

This is one of the easiest, most satisfying winter meals we make.  It’s a variation of plain old roast chicken, only it  manages to cook two vegetable side dishes along with the bird.  The only catch is that you need is a clay pot big enough to hold the chicken and vegetables (ours is big enough for two chickens or one turkey).

Clay Pot Chicken
(makes one chicken)

1 1-pound bag frozen collard greens
4-8 cups root vegetables, cut in bite-size pieces (see NOTE, below)
1 chicken, about four pounds
salt and pepper to taste

Soak the pot in water for at least fifteen minutes. Cut the vegetables while its soaking.

Drain the pot. Put the collard greens in, and put the chicken on top of the greens. Arrange the vegetables around the chicken. Put the lid on the pot.

Put the pot in a cold oven, and set the temperature to 325 degrees. Roast until the chicken is done, probably 1 1/2 – 2 hours. (Time varies considerably depending on the size of the pot and chicken, and how densely everything is packed.)

Put roasted vegetables in a bowl, take chicken out, and then remove collards with a slotted spoon (there will be broth in the bottom of the pot, which you will keep and use another time).

NOTE: You can use any root vegetables you like. We go for sweet potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. Potatoes, turnips, and rutabagas all work fine.