Of men and trucks

To plow, or not to plow? That is the question. The reason to plow, of course, is that we would then be able to get all three vehicles in and out, and re-establish full contact with the outside world. The reason not to is that it would set us back the better part of $500.

We’ve been watching the weather forecast, and it looks as though we’ll have warmer temperatures and even some rain over the next several days, so we’re opting not to plow. Besides, our forty-year-old Land Rover, which we’d left at the base of our long, uphill driveway when we went to Long Island for the blizzard, can get through just about anything.

Kevin opting against hiring a plow from Tamar Haspel on Vimeo.

It might even be able to get through the 20 inches of snow that fell on us, Kevin thought. Yesterday, he fired it up to give it a try. It took some slipping and sliding, some backing and forthing, but he got it around the circle at the driveway’s base. It didn’t faze him that he came perilously close to the snow-covered Saab we hadn’t bothered to put in the garage, and I didn’t have the heart to put the kibosh on the proceedings since it looked like he was having more fun than he’d had in weeks.

As I watched, all I could think about was how I’d explain it to the insurance company that we had, at a stroke, wrecked two of our own cars in our own driveway.

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  1. CCD — You haven’t seen our driveway! Counting the circle in front of our house, it’s a good 1000 feet. And it’s narrow, so there’s no place for the snow to go. And it’s gravel, which gets kicked up by the plow. In short, a plower’s nightmare.

  2. I thought I had invented that technique. I’ve calculated that the money you save on hiring a plow you end up spending in gas…not to mention the occasional sacrificial snow-covered Saab. Our house & cottages in Yarmouthport has a tiny parking lot. Not easy to maneuver using the Kevin Method, and too big to snow blow. We have that lot plowed…usually. Our guy’s truck died and he never bothered to tell us. By 4:30pm my tenants were getting nervous about getting to work the next morning. At 5pm I was 4-wheeling around Yarmouthport waving down anyone with a plow along 6A. Here’s the thing–guys with plows must get that a lot during snow storms because nobody wanted to make eye contact. Or maybe it was me…

  3. Tommy — I think it’s a more popular technique than either of us thought. And I think the success of the flag-down-the-snowplow technique varies widely with the age and gender of the flagger.

  4. BNP — The importance of the “cute young thing” part of your suggestion came home to me when the nice young woman from next door told me she had been shoveling their driveway when a plow driver stopped and helped her.

    I’ve shovelled our driveway a good half-dozen times, and it’s never — repeat, never — happened to me.

  5. Paula — You think like my husband! He’s been talking about getting a plow for the Rover. It’s not out of the question.

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