Oysters, cranberries, garlic, herbs, and eggs

It was Thanksgiving dinner.   We opened with oysters and a three-liver (duck, turkey, chicken) pate that Kevin made.  Then a classic turkey with a bread stuffing, a butternut squash gratin, creamed collards, and a cranberry-pear-ginger relish.  Dessert was pies!  I made a pecan and a pumpkin, and my sister-in-law Lisa brought a beautiful, classic, two-crust apple.

There was a little bit of something we procured ourselves is just about everything, but the main ingredients — turkey, collards, squash, pecans, pumpkin — came from elsewhere.  Although we have some squash and some collards from our garden in the freezer, I would have had to use almost all of them to feed seven.  And then were would I be in February?

Next year, though, I’m aiming higher.  There will be squash.  There will be collards.  And there might even be a turkey.

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