A nasturtium

Kevin and I took a class on building a wood-fired oven, held at the studio of a local potter, Diane Heart.  (She does lovely work, as you can see.)  She had nasturtiums growing in her yard, and for some reason they were blooming in November.  She told me they were excellent in salads, and urged me to try one.   

They’re fresh and peppery, like a cross between arugula and horseradish.  I’ll be growing them next season.

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  1. Did you eat the flower or the leaves? It sounds like the flower, which I didn’t know was edible. My mother called nasturtiums bread & butter plant & picked the small new leaves to eat.

  2. The flowers are edible and quite delicious tho a bit spicy as you found out but also the seeds can be pickled and you pretend they are capers…ask my kids !!!

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