The juicer verdict

It’s a thumbs down.

I made beet-ginger juice the other day, and it was good, but it wasn’t worth the time or the mess. Besides, it seems like a serious waste of vegetables. Two bunches of beets yielded one large glass of beet juice. Had I pickled them, or roasted them, or turned them into borscht (now there’s a use for beets!), they would have served four.

The Champion juicer is being relegated to the basement, on the off-chance that I someday come across a worthy application for it. Meantime, if you have a need for a barely used Champion juicer, I will entertain offers …

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  1. Juicers really aren’t worth it- try using an old school hand blender then blending with a more liquid juice.

  2. I’ve read about juicers that give you a little bit more bang for the buck by using more of the fruit/veg pulp… but I’m not sure if that’s a myth or reality.

    A friend of ours had a juicer. When she lived closer, she gave us her pulp. Sometimes I composted it — but more often than that, I used it to make muffins. Would need to dig out the recipe, but it was a great use for what you’d normally throw out.

  3. You can make cider for yourself with scrounged apples! I would love to have a juicer so I could do that with mine, rather than first, cutting them up, then putting them thru the food processor, then squeezing them thru a cloth bag. A juicer sounds much easier.

  4. Lo — The baking idea is intriguing, particularly for carrot pulp. A carrot bread, maybe?

    OK, now I’m going to have to drag the bloody thing up from the basement again.

    Sue — Cider is a great application. If I had a place to scrounge apples, I’d be all over that.

  5. Natalia — I didn’t. They’re just the experiment of last resort, since the juicer may never be the same afterward.

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