We can’t be quite sure which of our hens are laying eggs. We’ve caught two of the Rhode Island Reds in what we think is the act, but which may only be a nesting instinct that prepares them for the act. The two most mature Reds we have are also the two smallest and the fact that our eggs – two on some days, one on others – are small is another piece of evidence.

From left: the little egg, the giant egg, and the Grade AA Extra Large

Only one of the buff Orpingtons looks like she’s ready to lay. She’s a bigger bird, and we expected that one morning we’d wake up to a bigger egg.

This morning, we did. It’s about twice the size of the other egg we collected, and even a bit larger than the official extra-large egg I compared it to. By the time our hen is full-grown, she’s going to be laying grapefruit.

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