Eggs in sour cream peach cobbler

I’d like to pass the recipe off as my own, but it comes from the site of King Arthur flour.  Not only does King Arthur make excellent products that yield consistent baking results, they test their recipes eight gajillion times.  Whenever I’m baking, they’re my first stop. 

I scored a bunch of slightly damaged peaches for fifty cents a pound at the farmers’ market this morning, and they had cobbler written all over them.  I used the KA recipe almost as written.  I omitted the bottom crust altogether, and just made it in a buttered baking dish.  I used bourbon instead of rum, and upped the vanilla.  You could probably knock the sugar back a bit as well.

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  1. next time try Amaretto with the peaches….for some reason, possibly because it’s the same family, the almonds really make the peaches peachier. Phenomenal.

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