The bigger boat

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I said we were looking for a boat in the fifteen-to-seventeen foot range, with me leaning toward fifteen and Kevin leaning toward nineteen.

That was supposed to be a joke, but we are now the owners of a nineteen-foot Eastern, a broad-beamed fiberglass fishing boat with a center console and a 70-horsepower Johnson outboard. We took it for its inaugural voyage today, launching at the north end of Cotuit Bay. We tootled around the calm water in the bay, with Kevin at the helm and me lolling in the bow, thinking how very spacious the boat was.

Then we went out through the cut between Cotuit and Sampson’s Island, out into Nantucket Sound. All of a sudden, the terrain shifted. The waves were feet instead of inches, and as the boat rode up them and plunged down them, I felt my heart beat faster. I knew that, as waves go, these were pretty tame. I knew that the boat was built to handle much, much more serious water than this. But it’s hard to talk yourself out of fear.

Over the sound of the engine and the slap of the boat against the water, I heard Kevin saying something to me. I couldn’t quite make it out, so I turned around to face him and put my hand to my ear. He repeated it, and this time I heard him quite distinctly.

“You still want a smaller boat?” He was grinning devilishly.

No. No, I don’t want a smaller boat, thank you very much.

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  1. Fishin Magician says:

    Nice boat, and it’s about time, as the summa’s about half ova!!!
    You didn’t mention catching nothin….. Did you get a line in the watta? A schoolie stripper? some blues? Clams even? Never forget that fishing equipment, the days you don’t have it, you’ll be into em for sure!
    And how bout those lifejackets and all your safety equipment, including a VHF radio, neva know when you’ll need it!
    PS What’d ya name her?

  2. FM — I am embarrassed to report that we didn’t get a line in yesterday, but we will next time. There’s a fluke fishing trip (that’s a trip to catch fluke, not a trip that’s a fluke) in our very near future.

    As for safety equipment, we’ve got the basics (flotation devices, anchor, line), but are in acquisition mode for a radio, GPS, flares, and the like.

    No name yet. Since she’s green, we thought about Monstah, but a friend of mine talked me out of it by warning me that, if you have to call the Coast Guard, you feel pretty silly identifying yourself as “Monstah.”

    I’m taking name suggestions, though, so if anyone’s got any, send ’em along!

  3. I’ve always thought a fun name for a boat would be, “after you”. You could tell all your friends, “We named it after you!”

  4. Susan — Funny you should mention the name, as we were just talking about it today. I kinda like “After You.” I’m considering “Boat,” since it’s a bare-bones workaday boat. (And our cat is named “Cat.”)

  5. Marilyn Baker says:

    What’s behind the boat? Looks like a dollhouse for a little princess. Did I miss the blog describing it? Looks way too cute for an animal.


  6. That, Marilyn, is what’s known in the sticks as a shed. Right now, it houses gardening stuff and the garbage cans, but if I ever run into a little princess, I’ll let her know we have appropriate accommodations.

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