Neither Kevin nor I is a mad steamer enthusiast.  We both ate them as kids, and although we certainly don’t dislike them, they’ve never made our marine top-ten list.  Yesterday, though, I finally went clamming for steamers (soft-shell clams) rather than quahogs (hard-shell clams).  It was rough going, and I only came home with about a dozen.

Kevin steamed them up, and melted a little butter to go with them.  We each took one, swished it in the clam liquor, dipped it in the butter, and ate it.  We had the same reaction: these aren’t the steamers we remember.  These are tender and sweet, with necks that are just chewy enough to make it interesting.  We may have to revisit the top ten.

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  1. Tiger Lily says:

    Glad you guys are on board with the steamers! What’s not to like?
    BTW- you look very fashionable in your color coordinated shirt and basket float!

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