Bob’s striped bass

I think the only way to cook a really fresh striped bass is on the grill or under the broiler, so it gets a nice crisp crust but stays moist inside.  It was too rainy to fire up the grill, so we used our Iron Chef technique, in which we heat a cast-iron skillet under the broiler, and then cook the fish in it so the broiler cooks the top and the heated pan cooks the bottom. 

I served it with a barley salad, which is one of the few ways Kevin likes barley.  It’s room-temperature cooked barly, tossed with vegetables and whatever else you think might go.  Mine had asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, and toasted pine nuts.  Dress it with a vinaigrette — goes great with striper.

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  1. It’s a perfectly ordinary skillet — and this was only one of the small fillets he’d given us in addition to the whole fish.

    A cast-iron skillet big enough for a whole fillet would be awkward in the handling, but I suppose it could double as a bathtub.

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