Wintergreen cocktail

Before you tell me that turning wholesome foraged plants into groovy intoxicating beverages doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the thing, there’s one thing you need to know. It was Kevin’s idea.

Over the winter, our alcohol consumption is pretty much limited to wine and beer. In the summer, though, we have the occasional gin and tonic. (It’s the kind of gin and tonic that afficionados sneer at — off-brand gin and diet tonic.) Today we inaugurated the g&t season with Kevin’s new drink, the wintergreen and tonic.

It’s just a gin and tonic with two teaspoons of wintergreen infusion (what you get when you leave wintergreen in water for at least a week), and I can’t say it was a smashing success. The combination of wintergreen and quinine isn’t up there with peanut butter and chocolate or strawberry and rhubarb. But we’re going to play with it a little and see if we can’t do better.