A wrenching decision

A pair of wrens  has made a nest in our propane tank.  Not the tank itself, really, but the top part where the valve and the gauge are.   Unfortunately, my ornithological skills don’t extend to distinguishing Carolina wrens from Bewick’s wrens, but I’m pretty sure ours are one or the other.

When I first discovered them, I was delighted.   I can watch the process unfolding from the kitchen window, and I’ll get to see the chicks, up close and personal!

Then it occurred to me that we’ll probably need to refill the tank before the drama plays out, and the nest probably wouldn’t survive a visit from the propane guy.  I can’t decide whether it would be better to give them the heave-ho now, or wait and hope for the best.  If we curtail our cooking and bathing, the gas might hold out.

To evict, or not to evict?

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  1. You could just charge them “wrent”!
    However, on a more serious note,if your propane tank has even the slightest leak from the valve area, your hatchlings might not stand a chance of survival so your eviction may be for the better.

  2. Cape Cod Rose says:

    If there are eggs in the nest, I think you should leave it. If not, take it down and give them a last minute chance to build another one before the due date arrives.
    If I were them, I’d take my chances with your being OOG (out of gas) or the tiny chance of being gassed out, over being killed today.
    We had a robin nesting under our boat, we faced the same issue, now or later….
    As it turned out we didn’t even launch the boat last year, so we were very happy we didn’t take it down in speculation. We had a great time watching the baby robins learn to fly and then move out.
    Again, I’d say it’s better to cross the bridge when you get there.

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