Linda and Dan’s dandelion wine

Well, March is shaping up to be a tough month. Oyster season is over, which leaves us with clams, mussels, leftovers, and a few hardy green things poking up through the snow.

Luckily, our friends Dan and Linda gave us a bottle of their dandelion wine. It counts — they brewed it themselves from dandelions they harvested from the airfield up the street, and they brought it over one night when we made dinner. No money changed hands, so it’s in the spirit of the enterprise.

Previous experience with home-brewed alcoholic beverages led me to approach this wine with some trepidation. Like plumbing and roofing, wine-making is something I’ve always thought should be handled by professionals. Even the most well-intentioned, hard-working amateurs generally turn out rotgut.

But Dan and Linda aren’t your average well-intentioned, hard-working amateurs, and their dandelion wine is outstanding. It has reddish amber color, and the flavor is equal parts fruit, green, and earth. Kevin and I love it, and we’re going to try our hand at making some of our own when the dandelions come up at the airfield. Meantime, I have something to get me through March. Hic.