Wild venison with roasted potatoes (with sea salt and rosemary)

There were oysters as an appetizer, but I figured you’re tired of hearing about those.

We didn’t hunt the deer ourselves.  We got it from a hunter who’s a friend of a friend, who gave it to us out of sheer good will, which means that it qualifies for the one-a-day challenge.  My rule is that, if it’s hunted or fished, gathered or grown by somebody else who gives it to us, or trades us for it, it counts.  Just so long as no money changes hands.

Next year, though, we’re bagging our own deer.

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  1. Road kill definitely counts, and I had my eye on that possum.

    If you’re good, I’ll tell you the wild turkey story.

  2. mmmmm…
    Good luck bagging your venison next year. I once had a buck in my sight and couldn’t pull the trigger. But fresh venison liver is delicious, especially if some one else has shot it.

  3. Gram — I think, with a buck in my sight, I couldn’t pull the trigger either. But I’m working on that. If I’m willing to eat hunted animals (which I emphatically am), I think I should try and steel myself to kill them myself. More on that later …

    And we’ll report back on our first deer liver. I’m thinking it would be great with sauteed mushrooms and a marsala sauce.

  4. I’m pretty sure anything sauted with mushrooms and marsala sauce would taste good, including road killed possum liver.
    As far as shooting the deer….. I don’t think I would want to do it unless our survival was at stake, but I certainly respect people who do for food. I don’t care for hunting when it’s just for sport.
    Everything ELSE about hunting is very appealing when you picture your traditional hunting cabin set way out in the woods, sitting around a fire with a big ole harvest moon hanging low in the evening sky. The musty smell of fall laced with dinner slowly cooking on the coals…… I’m in!

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