Sea salt on dainty little rib lamb chops

Lamb may very well be my favorite red meat, but we don’t have it very often (we keep our meat consumption low). But Kevin mentioned lamb chops with a salt-and-pepper crust, and I had to have them.

Years ago, Kevin invented a method of indoor grilling that works beautifully for fish. He uses a cast-iron pan with ridges on the bottom, and the broiler. First, he puts the pan under the broiler, empty, so it gets very hot. When it’s thoroughly heated, he puts the fish in. The broiler cooks the fish from the top while the hot pan cooks it from the bottom, and you don’t have to turn it over. We call the method Iron Chef.

We wanted to Iron Chef the lamb chops, but using our fish pan on meat would be a very serious mistake. It’s so saturated with fish oil that we’d end up with something that tasted like salmon chops. We took a trip to our favorite kitchen store, Cape Cod Cookery in Centerville, and got a brand new Lodge cast-iron pan. Worked like a charm.